About our new name

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So…..we were Social Game Hub and we’re not anymore, simple. However, there’s been a little more thinking behind our re brand and the reason behind our change and we thought we would share our thinking with you seeing as we’re a company of people who like sharing and, of course, care about you, our customers.

“Feedback is a gift” someone once told me and as much as that line is bandied about all over the shop there is truth in it. The perception of Social Game Hub was that we were a business who only worked in a Social Media capacity meaning that we were either completely discarded for a campaign or that John, our “just a simple sales guy” Global Sales Director could spend his time in a much lengthier than necessary sales meeting explaining that we can deliver much more… so much more, simply because of the interpretation of our name. We have, we do and we can deliver bespoke campaigns anywhere, on your site, 3rd party landing page or social sites, the choice is all yours.

With all that in mind we went on a journey that had us crying with laughter in a few bars in London, howling in pain and pulling our hair out in frustration coming up with names that suited and many many more that really didn’t !! We decided to get some of our regular clients involved with some of the names that were in the running and realised we had a clear winner!
Like a phoenix rising from the flames, I give you ……. “Thunderbite!”

Our goal is still the same – to deliver a truly fantastic product alongside providing a truly fantastic customer experience. Delivering what we promise and getting it right first time is our standard.

And so, to end our first issue of the Thunderbite blog, get ready to hear the roar, see the strike and be very prepared for the bite (but in a great way).

The Team x